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Jacob Cornell

Running for NY Assemblyman District 121, 2020 State

Oneida, New York 13421

Candidate Bio

Jake was raised in Central NY by a combat veteran and a teacher. Throughout his life, Jake has worked on farms, in sports broadcasting, and now as a manager of a small business. Jake has always supported our military and our teachers.

An experienced leader, in college he was an Honor Society Officer, Jake is a member of the National Technical Honor Society, a former Boy Scout, and currently working as a small business manager. He has been very outspoken of the problems facing New York State since he was young, and believes our rural communities are close to the point of no return if we do not have proper representation in Albany.

Jake believes in personal choices and freedoms, including the right to bear arms. He believes that no citizen should be told how to live their lives by the Government. He believes in equality for all religions, creeds, sexual orientations, nationalities, and ethnicities. Jake doesn't think left or right... He thinks forward.

Candidate Platform

Help Our Farmers

Farmers in my district have been promised broadband time and time again. It’s time to get them what they need with an Assemblyman that doesn’t take no for an answer and will fight to get what his people need.

Second Amendment

Jake supports the second amendment 150%. He supports petitions to establish sanctuary cities for second amendment rights. He also has plans to introduce legislation that will exempt counties with populations under 200,000 to be exempted from Red Flag gun laws and the New York Safe Act.

Cannabis Legalization

Jake wants to take the marijuana market away from drug dealers and put it in the hands of responsible business owners. He wants to make sure the market is regulated but only for the sake of product quality and keep taxes to an absolute minimum, and make sure that market access is easily available to middle class entrepreneurs.

Hands Off Capitalism

Jake believes New York State is ridiculous with the many rules and red tape that hinders small businesses. Elimination of insidious restrictions would allow production, sale & consumption to be cheaper and more efficient.

Unburdening Veterans

Jake wants to introduce legislation that cuts the income tax and property tax in half for veterans that make less than $75,000 a year.

Unburdening teachers

Jake believes that state mandated tests are a “one size fits all” policy that only benefits school administrators and not teachers. Jake believes that there should not be more school administrators than teachers and that educators should focus on curriculum that is important to local communities and their growth. When elected, Jake wants to introduce legislation to forgive the student debt teachers have taken on to acquire their mandated masters degree and the state could pay for it by not having so administrators and not spending money wastefully on projects like the NYS Fair, refurbishing the largely unused Erie Canal, & paying for an electric train before we give our constituents the relief they need.

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