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Robin Dominick

Running for US House MO 5th district, 2020 Federal

KANSAS CITY, Missouri 64133

Candidate Bio

I'm the Libertarian candidate for Missouri's 5th district. 

My time in the Army is what first led me to believe that the government should not be running our lives. 

I'm a fan of both Rothbard and Friedman. I'm anywhere between minarchist and ancap depending on how caffeinated I am. 


In every way possible, we need to shrink the federal government. Bring troops home, close overseas bases, do away with several federal departments (dept of education, DEA, dept of agriculture, ICE and more) Since the House holds the purse strings, that's where I want to be. One day I'd like to see enough Libertarians to drive a wedge between the other parties, so that they'll be force to write bills that appeal to everyone instead of just their side.

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