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Samuel Robb

Running for President of the United States, 2020 President

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Sam is a former US Navy officer and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. After his time in the Navy, he returned to Pittsburgh where he began career working as a software developer for technology startups. In the past decades he has helped see multiple companies through to profitability and acquisition.

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Samuel Robb

WHAT IS THE 3RD PARTY CANDIDATE SERIES? V-Radio will be inviting candidates from all of the 3rd parties and independents for President in an effort to give alternative choices for the 2020 election. It's time to break the 2 party duopoly. In this series I hope to bring on candidates from all over the political spectrum, eventually host debates within their parties for their primaries/nomination and then finally culminate in a series of debates for the general election that will include nominees from multiple parties. PLEASE NOTE: THE VIEWS OF THE CANDIDATES I BRING ON DURING THIS SERIES DO NOT NESSACARILY REFLECT MY PERSONAL VIEWS AS AN ACTVIST. PLEASE SUPPORT V-RADIO ON PATREON: FOLLOW V-RADIO ON FACEBOOK: V-RADIO Conversation group: Sam Robb is a candidate for the nomination of the Libertarian Party. You can view his campaign website here:

Samuel Robb

Patrick Varine - The Tribune-Review, Greensburg (TNS)

Sam Robb is only half-joking when he says he’s running for president of the United States because he was left at home unsupervised.

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